Friday, February 3, 2012

Jan 31st 2011

... what an amazing day. I can't believe its been a year already, a year that my wonderful husband placed this ring on my finger and ask the best question a girl could ever be asked.

I remember us planning on going to Disneyland after I got off work that morning, I remember getting home and just being so tired I wanted to take a nap (later on I was thankful for that little nap I got). We woke up around 1pm and headed down to Disneyland.

We had previously discussed rings, which one's I really really like and wanted. Garett had told me that he already purchased the center diamond, but the band would just have to wait for a bit. I had thought about on the drive to Disneyland, that if he were to propose where would he do it?

He's so adventurous, maybe on the roller coaster? ... No he'd lose the ring.
Maybe on the pirates ride?... To dark and quiet.
Inbetween the two parks?... To many people, he'd be shy (yes, Garett can be shy, surprising I know).

I eventually gave up on the thought, thinking, nope he probably doesn't have the ring anyways. We spent a few hours there, time passed by, and nothing. Garett asked if I wanted to go to Fred's for dinner, I found it a little odd since it was another 45 mins from Disneyland, but it was one of our favorite place's to eat. By the time we made it out there it was about 5:30, the sun was going down already. One of our favorite things to do, is walk down Huntington Beach Pier. Being dark and cold I figured we'd skip it this time. Garett refused, he told me it wouldn't kill me to walk down the pier for 5 mins.

Halfway down the pier, he wants to stop and look at all the idiot surfer's in the cold cold water. I couldn't help but think, really? I'm cold, hungry, and tired... can we just move along? He pointed at the Ruby's restaurant at the end of the pier, the red lights from it, were glowing in the fog. I wont lie, it looked really neat. Garett wanted to walk down a little further to grab a picture of it. Of course when we got to the end he "forgot" his phone in the car, leaving me to take the picture. My first attempt, he bumped me and it came out blurry, he clams I made a rude remark to him like "HEY! Get our of my way!" I disagree. I went to take a second picture, and as I turned around, he was on one knee.

To this day, I wish I would've wrote down exactly all the sweet words he said. I don't remember all of it, I was too surprised that he actually had the ring, diamond set in the band, all in a box, and everything. It was gorgeous, more then I EVER expected.

We called both of our parent's right after! They were pretty darn excited. Then we headed into Fred's for dinner, the day was just wonderful, the lack of sleep didn't matter one bit after that moment. He says he didn't have any of it planned out, he originally though of doing it at Disneyland, but it just didn't feel right, and everything just fell into place perfectly after that. To this day, I'm amazed he pulled it off so smoothly.

So with that being said, a little over one year ago, we became engaged!

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