Saturday, January 7, 2012

January's Exciting Plans

The month of January has many exciting plans. 

Tuesday the 10th - Taking a trip to Knott's Berry Farm with a few friends.
(Every year Knott's allows Law Enforcement in for free.)

Saturday the 14th - We'll be heading out to Disneyland with my parents.
(We're celebrating their 35th anniversary!)

Monday the 16th - We're flying out of LAX at 9am, heading to Topeka, KS. 
(We'll be visiting Garett's parents for 9 days!)

Thursday the 26th - Back to LAX, leaving at 7am to fly to North Carolina.
(We have a convention we'll be attending in Raleigh. Hoping to visit a few friends while we're out there for the 4 days!)

Lots of adventures for this month. We are so excited to be on vacation for a few weeks. It will be wonderful to relax, and enjoy the beginning of a new year! Hope everyone is enjoying theirs thus far.

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