Saturday, January 7, 2012

November & December 2011

These last two months, have seem to be quite busy. So much going on, between Family, Work, Home, & just Life! :)

A few days before Thanksgiving, we went to Disneyland with some friends. We took our Christmas card pictures in front of the Disney Tree. I just love all the big ornaments on the tree. I thought the pictures turned out quite well!

Thanksgiving Day, we went to my parents house up in Running Springs. Nick, Sandi & the girls joined the 4 of us. It was a wonderful evening with the whole family there. On the way up, we called Garett's parents, we always like to call & spend some time with them on the phone since we're unable to be with them during the holidays. We hope that next year they'll be much much closer to us & able to be with us on these special days!

Mom & I made Bean Soup in a Jar. It was easy to put together, I found the recipe online & mom was gracious enough to go and pick up all the supplies. I handed these out on Christmas, to our neighbors, my co-workers, and parents! I've been told the recipe is quite delicious, we haven yet to try it. 

After our yummy dinner, which consisted of Turkey, Mash Tators, Green Beans with Bacon, & Stuffing, we all sat around and talked for a bit. I got a few pictures of Nick's Family & the girls on the fire place. We had Pumpkin Pie, from Marie Calendars & then headed home! It was a wonderful day, minus the fact that Balt beat San Fran in football.

The month of December, was quite crazy, with just work & the holidays alone! Mid December, we met my parents in Redlands, we drove out to Alto Loma, to see the homes with all the exciting Christmas lights (there were ton's this year, & they were all fabulous!). After the Christmas lights, we went to Vince's Spaghetti for dinner, yummy as usual. One of our family favorites.

Christmas was right around the corner. I'm proud to say, we got the house decorated, lights put up, & a tree all within the first week of December. It was wonderful to be able to enjoy the whole month with the house decorated. We went to a neighborhood Christmas party at Kyle & Nikki's, & had a lot of fun. Dinner, gift exchange, & games.

Thursday before Christmas, Garett & I spent the day together & opened our gifts that evening just the two of us. It was the last day we would be alone before Christmas, due to our work schedule. On Christmas eve, I went with my parents up to Nick's house. We had dinner, Sandi's cooking was amazing, opened gifts, & just hung out. It was a nice evening spending time with the family.

Melissa got a new bicycle from Grandma & Papa for Christmas. Kylie on the other hand didn't quite know what to do with all the gifts she got, she was confused about this wrapping paper stuff! It was wonderful to have Christmas Eve with them, & see the baby on her first Christmas, I still remember Melissa at that age!

Christmas Day, my parents came over for lunch with Garett & I, before he had to go to work. We had Tamales, Rice, & Chips with salsa & guacamole. After lunch we opened our gifts between the 4 of us. Although it was a quite afternoon it was wonderful to be able to spend it together.

We got mom Google TV she's been talking about it for months. Papa got the BBQ he wanted for his trailer. Garett & I got a new food processor/blender a new set of Tupperware & new tools. We've already started using everything!

After Garett headed off to work, we cleaned up, played with our gifts, & as soon as it got dark, my parents & I drove around our neighborhood & looked at all the Christmas lights, its a favorite for Mom & I! It was such a wonderful Christmas, turned out much better then we ever expected!

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