Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our year of 2011

So much has happened in 2011 we'll just try to recap on all the major important events!

Jan 31, Garett & I spent the afternoon at Disneyland, he then took me to Huntington Beach, where he asked if I would marry him, on the pier!!! 
I of course said YES! 
(I'll have to do a whole post with more pictures on this story later)

Feb 3rd, Two of our best friends Justin & Laura, had their second baby. 
Dylan Keith Breen.
Feb 15th, Nick & Sandi (My brothers family) had their second child. 
Kylie Isabella Dvorak.
She looked just like her big sister when she was born, just perfect!

 Feb 26th, we threw a Engagement BBQ at our home. It was wonderful to have all of our close friends and family around to celebrate our engagement.

March 13th, Garett, Steve, Jessica, & I all left to start a long journey across the US. We left our home in Beaumont, Ca at 5pm & drove straight through all the way to Walt Disney World, Fl. Arriving at 10am March 15th! We spent a full week there, had a wonderful time, & then traveled back across the US!

 April, my parents purchased a second (or third...) home in Pahrump, NV. The lot they purchased had A LOT of tumbleweeds on it. 
Quickest way to get rid of them... burn it!!!
No problem until the whole Fire Dept was called on Papa! :) Apparently it was too windy.

April 21st, Garett's parents drove out from Kansas to see us. It was so wonderful, it had been a year & half since we last saw them. This picture was a night of games & wine drinking, Darrick & Jackie joined us too. We were so busy while they were here, catching them up on wedding plans, life happening's, & Easter, we forgot to stop and take more pictures.

In June, we started a fun project. We added a door into the side wall of our stairs, there was so much unused space under there. Sad to say 6 months later this project is still continuing lol. The door & molding is in. Framing inside is complete. Electrical has been placed (thanks to my Papa!). Next is plywood & drywall. 
Garett has done a wonderful job with everything.

June 24th - 27th, Happy Birthday to both of us!
We took a weekend trip up north to Yosemite, with my parents, Keith & Linda. One night we took a train ride and had dinner. The next day we took a trip up to Huntington Lake.
Although it was a short trip, its always beautiful there & worth every moment.

July 9th - My two best friends Ashley & Laura, were kind enough to help me throw a bridal shower at our home. Ashley made that wonderful cake in the picture, it was absolutely delicious! I had a wonderful time, playing games and spending time with all the girls. 

Aug 6th, Our Wedding Day

From the start of the Ceremony, to the end of the night, everything was just perfect, we could've have asked for a better wedding. I'll have to do a full post on our wedding day!

Aug 13th The whole family took a trip to Huntington Lake.

We spent a week here, it was so relaxing, beautiful, & the family time was wonderful. Just what Garett & I needed after all the wedding stress. 
The August Huntington Lake trip has become a family tradition.

Sept 28th - Oct 5th
Garett & I spent our honeymoon at Walt Disney World.
We stayed at the Saratoga Springs for a few nights and at the Bay Lake Towers for a few nights.

Here we are almost to Christmas. 
This was the main picture on our Christmas card this year.
After the holidays I will post all about our Christmas, that has been spread across 5 days this year.

"A fresh new year is almost here... Another year to live! To banish worry, doubt, & fear, to love & laugh & give!"

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